1374814_847828495257848_3895766661420384949_n There were three, who stood as one.




You are not separate from the universe.

You are one.

With it, you were created.

It speaks to you, moves through you.


You are the universe.

In this world, it is quite obvious how you were meant to serve…


We, get in our own way.

Discourage, Discredit, Dismember our greatest potential.

Get out of your head.

Fall into your universe.


Where you are free to be really amazing.






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via Daily Prompt: Obvious

Playing Jeopardy



I was once a whole person.

Full of life, freedom, exploration.

I met a guy.

Decided to play jeopardy.

Fell in love, gave him, not pieces, but all of me.

Ideas of us excelling, my whole self now extending into one, with him.

Playing jeopardy…


I lost.

Lost my sense of self, well being, even lost my way.

He, selfishly, jeopardizing US, with her

but really  only jeopardizing  me.

See, he walked away, more full than he had walked to…

because he took everything in me along with him.

Fucking jeopardy.




via Daily Prompt: Jeopardize

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