Hidden Treasures

Sometimes I wish that I had a deeply sad love song to sing.
There is this hidden treasure in sadness.
A familiar beauty,
Genuineness, vulnerability, reachability.

Perhaps I just need to dig a bit deeper,
On that place marked with an X.
You know that place, that you know exists,
But dare not go, for the fear of what lies beneath?

Sadness, like that stranger that you meet
Who looks frighteningly familiar,
But you dare not approach them,
For the fear of them not being so strange after all,
but someone you worked really hard to forget.

Sometimes I wish I had an utterly sad love story to tell.
Then I looked over at my shelf filled with books,
Noticing that one book in the furthest corner.
You know the one, whose title is buried beneath collected dust,
Pages, home to various critters,
Delicately decorated with cobwebs,
That one book that you dared never to open again.

Stories untold, songs unheard, treasures buried.

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